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We are SLAMPaCo - SLAM Pacific Connect.  We make connections between the Oceania beautiful tropical country of Papua New Guinea and the United Kingdom hence Europe.  We have been established since 2011 and incorporated in 2015. We have well established connections in both Papua New Guinea and the UK, aiming to making a difference in the lives ordinary Papua New Guineans, 

Papua New Guinea has a very rich cultural heritage with flora and fauna, wild life, mountains, valleys, highlands, lowlands and islands. A must see destination for tourists and adventerors alike . With a little known fact about Papua New Guineans being among world's first farmers, we are expanding on our history using this platform to bring PNG to the world.. 

The picture here is a sneak preview of the rich cultural heritage we enjoy different cultural traditonal dancers in brightly colored and atired costumes depicting different cultural groups.

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