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SLAMPaCo was founded by Ms Anita Wahawe - a Papua New Guinea (PNG) national based just outside of London, educated in Papua New Guinea and Australia. She has worked in both Papua New Guinea and the United Kingom for a total of over 22 years. Seeing first-hand the struggles of her people on a daily basis to make ends meet and having had her own upbringing in the same way, has inspired her to do something about it. In her quest to make a difference, she has founded 'SLAM Pacific Connect UK Ltd'  in 2011 and incorporated in  2015.

Coffee was and still is for the mostly rural population of Papua New Guinea the only cash crop at the time of her upbringing which saw her complete her own education through the proceeds of her family's small coffee plot. She is seeking to provide an avenue for her people - Papua New Guineans  to have an avenue to market their craft which includes small-holder specialty organic coffee grown locally by her tribe. As well as providing a means for locals to have access to an international market place, this in effect fulfils one of her desires to make a direct impact in her community.  Being from the local community in Papua New Guinea Highlands, speaking local languages, having worked there for over 6 years in the Minning and Gas Industry, she recognises the unique advantage she has in making a difference in the lives of ordinary Papua New Guineans who are less previleged.
SLAMPaCo has since had representation at various key note presentations,  being the inaugural UK and PNG Trade and Investment Forum held in London June 2015 headed by the current Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Honourable Peter O’Niel CMG  then again at the second UK and PNG Trade and Investment Forum held in central London in April 2018. Then on the 14th September 2018 - we participated in the London Pacific Fashion week - a show which coincides with the London Fashion Week which assists fashion designers from the Oceania region to showcase their tribal and original designs in London.  We also particiapted in traditonal dances at the openning of the Royal Art Academy exhibition of 'Oceania'  co hosted by Aotearoa NZ, Papua New Guinea and Tonga for a celebration of art and artists, spanning 500 years from Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia on 24th September 2018. Hence we have a presence in both Papua New Guinea and the United Kingdom, an ideal platform to help PNG.

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